Healthcare industry research to improve the quality and value of care

A nonprofit healthcare industry research company, the Premier Research Institute is dedicated to increasing the quality and value of healthcare through research and education. We provide new intelligence, perspectives and analysis on trends affecting the healthcare industry to support a high-performing healthcare system.

We help healthcare organizations identify and follow evidence-based practices to deliver safe care. Our research leads to process changes that help take costs out of the system, and it allows healthcare organizations to remain viable as reimbursements tighten.

Our unbiased, evidence-based research, information and advice help healthcare organizations:

  • Assess and address patient safety, quality and risk management challenges
  • Select the safest, most effective medical devices, procedures and drugs
  • Engage patients in their care
  • Use healthcare technology most cost-effectively
  • Develop evidence-based policies
  • Align capital investments with strategic technology needs
  • Address the causes of the high cost of healthcare
  • Build a strong continuum of care with other providers in the community

We go beyond just gathering research and data. We give healthcare organizations the know-how to tackle other crucial elements that go into measuring, creating and being rewarded for high-value care.