Our approach to healthcare research

The core to our approach

Our approach allows us to determine what’s cost-effective and efficient, test the value of implementing innovative processes, pilot new payment models and disseminate identified best practices.

1. Define high-value healthcare

We define and test advanced measures to support clinicians, health systems and payers in their efforts to deliver high-value care.

2. Achieve high-value healthcare

We identify, test and publish best-practice care and payment models that are safe, improve care and outcomes, and reduce costs.

3. Reward high-value healthcare

We help implement best practices in healthcare organizations and evaluate those practices to see what works best so that we can distribute our findings publicly to be implemented throughout the country.


We understand that good research begins with good data. As an independent affiliate of Premier, Inc., we leverage Premier’s vast data, membership and collaboratives to deliver unique insights. Our exclusive access to Premier’s assets gives us a distinct view into healthcare topics affecting the industry.

And by working with and participating in industry organizations, we ensure the meaningful and independent research we perform will be immediately useful. For more information on our research partnerships please contact us.